We are the consulting branch of Marketing Undergraduate Students Establishment, the premier
undergraduate student-run marketing club at The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. We engage in semester-long projects (approximately three months) with for-profit clients. Our focus is on delivering actionable marketing strategy to clients on a small budget.

Our student consultants, all of whom have a passion for marketing, are selected through a competitive application and interview process. They are then matched with projects on the basis of their skills and interests. Teams usually consist of one project leader, or Account Executive (AE), and 3-5 team members, or Assistant Account Executives (AAEs). AEs serve as the primary contact point for client representatives over the course of the engagement. By connecting engaged and talented students with organizations and
businesses, we help drive change and deliver results for our clients, while our student consultants gain valuable exposure to real clients and businesses

As a student-run club, we direct 100% of our project fees to Marketing Undergraduate Students
Establishment’s operations, to fulfill the Marketing Undergraduate Students Establishment Mission: “To provide an atmosphere conducive to increasing University of Pennsylvania students’ understanding and interests in marketing and to provide a forum for students to share their knowledge and creativity while working together to promote the visibility of marketing on campus.”

Our consultants’ diverse set of skills and interests allows us to be flexible with the services we provide in each project scope in order to ensure that we are fulfilling our clients’ needs. Our core service offering falls under the following three categories; Market Research, Strategy and Implementation. We offer services in a variety areas of marketing on a case-by-case basis; potential clients are encouraged to inquire if they have any questions.

Our philosophy is that we want to prove to you that a student-run organization can deliver superior professional results at a much lower price. Thus, on average, we charge 10 times less than other companies offering comparable services.

Please contact us for more information regarding pricing; it varies depending on project scope.

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“The Marketing Undergraduate Students Establishment team was a great asset for our startup, as they were our eyes and ears on campus. Marketing Undergraduate Students Establishment helped us analyze and understand our target customers, design appropriate marketing measures and executed a very successful campus launch event for us.”

– S. Jacob, Kembrel

“The Marketing Undergraduate Students Establishment consultants are an excellent example of hard-working students who have the desire to put themselves in the driver seat and take charge. Their group has helped me set my own standards for what I expect out of any other student club that I would work with.”

– M. Katz, Campusfood.com

“Working with our team of Marketing Undergraduate Students Establishment consultants was an incredibly beneficial, engaging experience that still provides value to our core business. The team communicated regularly, asked the right questions, and had a general zest for knowledge above and beyond our initial project scope. In fact, I still review their final recommendations and use them as reference materials when evaluating certain decisions. As a business owner, it’s invigorating and exciting to see the win-win that results from projects like Marketing Undergraduate Students Establishment – students gain hands-on experience, while adding value to real-world businesses. Now that’s fun!”

– Gianna, GIANNA, Inc.


How do you create a dynamic customer base for an internet-based advertising agency that allows users to both create advertisements and interact with other advertisers? In preparation for its launch, the agency was in need of a thorough marketing plan that outlined ways to create a loyal customer base among 18-34 year olds. Since the agency’s business concept was based on user-generated content, they needed ways to engage consumers, build awareness and buzz, and ultimately, build a community on their website.



The consulting branch of MUSE’s first step was to break down the 18-34 age group into different segments to create a direct, focused and effective marketing plan. To do this, the team investigated the client’s business and considered various other customer segmentations that would relate better to the business. This research uncovered that breakdown by customer characteristic was the best approach, and the most effective option would be to separate the 18-34 age group into three segments based on the type of relationship the customer has with advertising.

After customer segmentation, the team worked to develop innovative ways to target the three segments. The consulting branch of MUSE constructed three independent marketing plans implementing both conventional marketing tactics and alternative channels such as the internet. Specifically, the consulting branch found the correct avenues through which to reach students studying advertising-related fields and recent graduates looking to enter the advertising industry.

Considering that the agency’s business model was dependent on a vibrant community of active users, we then focused on customer retention. We devised an innovative and low-cost incentive system to encourage users to create multiple advertisements.



Our marketing plan and recommendations were very well received by the agency’s President, and were incorporated into the company’s initial launch and yearlong budgetary and strategic plan.